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career developmentI’ve blogged before about emotional intelligence (check out “what your leadership style says about your emotional intelligence” and “10 signs of someone who is emotionally unintelligent”), because I believe it impacts one’s career development.

So I definitely want to share a recent study Inc. just wrote about that identifies sleep as a major ingredient in emotional intelligence.

Per the article:

…a study kept 26 people awake for over 55 hours and recorded their emotional intelligence along with their thinking abilities through a series of tests. They took one test after a full nights rest and the other after the sleep deprivation took effect.

Comparing the two, it was no surprise to discover that the participants saw their emotional intelligence along with their other mental functions such as controlling impulses and behaviors decline.

Another study discovered that social awareness is affected by the negligence of sleep. Participants were presented to rate 70 pictures as threatening or friendly. Their brains were scanned along with their heart rate documented before the judging took place.

Once this group was in a sleep deprived state, the same process took place. The sleep deprived group couldn’t distinguish between the friendly or threatening faces. In fact, the friendly faces were actually perceived as being more threatening by the participants.

This is such a relevant topic considering how many of us do NOT sleep enough. We have one more email… one more slide to add to the presentation… one more idea to write up.

Or maybe you work so much that you sacrifice sleep to get a couple hours of “me” time watching shows that have stacked up on the DVR… between the hours of 11pm and 1am!

Whatever your situation is, I hope you will take seriously the significance that a good night sleep has in regards to your emotional intelligence.