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How “Daredevil” Personality Types Deal With Career Change

career changeToday we continue looking at the 5 kinds of Career Change Behaviors, shining the spotlight on “Daredevils.”

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Daredevil Background

Whether it’s the person who gets shot out of a cannon or the one who chooses to swing from the highest trapeze, the Daredevil is always ready to take a risk with little thought of the danger involved. Daredevils get a thrill from pushing themselves to higher levels of performance, achieving new and interesting feats. Even if there’s risk involved, the thrill of doing something new is exciting, and this enthusiasm is contagious. The audience will no doubt be swept up in the Daredevil’s daring performances.

The Daredevil Personality

Daredevils are high-energy people who need a place to express their ideas and

concepts. When they have the right workplace environment (one that nurtures and focuses their energy), they can be unstoppable forces for growth, expansion and positive business evolution.

How Daredevils Deal With Change

As stated earlier, when it comes to change in the workplace, Daredevils focus on the potential positive outcomes and rewards of the change rather than the potential risks involved. Their enthusiasm may even lead them to add new, personal ideas to the situation, pushing the change plan even faster or further.

Daredevils aren’t afraid to share their vision or ideas when change happens. Even if it’s not fully baked yet, Daredevils eagerly share their vision of the change with peers and coworkers. And because of their infectious enthusiasm, Daredevils can successfully implant their ideas in the minds of skeptical or hesitant team members.

However, Daredevils can be almost too willing to take a leap sometimes, getting caught up in their own enthusiasm to the point where they propose courses of action with unwarranted risk. After all, Daredevils tend to be dreamers. Sometimes their dreams come true. However, if they are not careful, the thrill of coming up with the idea often leads to them spending too much time dreaming of what could be rather than taking an action. Sometimes they fail. It’s actually common for Daredevils to create or chase so many dreams that they cannot make them all a reality.

When Confronted With Unexpected Change, Daredevils Are Likely To…

THINK: “These opportunities and possibilities are so exciting!”

SAY: “Can’t wait to get started!”

DO: Take action.

The speed with which they process most changes: Almost immediate.

When faced with RISK, they will: Jump. Risk equals opportunity to Daredevils.

How Managers Can Utilize And Encourage Daredevils

Harness and direct their abundant energy. Help them FOCUS their energy on a specific, constructive purpose.