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You May Be a Better Leader Than You Realize – 9 Things To Consider

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Every leader is different in how they reflect upon their performance.

Some leaders are very focused on how they are perceived in the office, what they are doing that’s working, what’s not, etc. Other leaders are so focused on getting the job done that they don’t realize whether or not their leadership is positively impacting everyone around them.

Whichever kind of leader you are, you should check out this Inc. article: 9 Surprising Signs You’re an Exceptional Boss (That Most People Never Consider).

In the article, writer Jeff Haden breaks down some tangible and intangible qualities that people notice in good leaders – but the leaders themselves often fail to recognize. Or it’s possible these are things that you as a manager aren’t even aware of, but can embrace moving forward.

Here’s a quick tease of the 9 signs:

1. You look past the action to understand the motivation.

2. You forgive…and more importantly, you forget.

3. You place importance on employee goals as much as on organizational goals.

4. You support without seeking credit.

5. You make fewer public decisions.

6. You don’t see control as a reward.

7. You let your employees learn their own lessons.

8. You let your employees have the ideas.

9. You always go home feeling you could have done a little better.

I highly recommend you check out the entire article for more insight into each of these 9 signs you’re being a good boss.