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Want Your Coworkers To Take You More Seriously? Read This.

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Almost everyone who works in a professional environment desires to be taken seriously.

Whether you work in the office, on a construction site or in retail, you desire to have the respect and trust of your peers.

We all know someone who DOESN’T have that – the person who may always be a good lunch break buddy, but never the person others turn to in a pinch. Or that person who keeps everything light with their sense of humor, but is rarely put in position to make serious decisions.

Or you know the person who works hard, puts in their time, but never seems to get the attention, credit or reputation they deserve.

There’s a good chance you not only know someone like that, but YOU ARE THAT PERSON.

So what if you are? Is it possible to turn your situation around through actionable steps?


You have the power to take control of your career and change it for the positive. I work with career coaching clients all the time on how to identify their brand in the workplace – that thing that makes them unique and essential.

A recent Fast Company article identified 8 things you should STOP doing so that people take you more seriously. This is also a good resource, and I recommend you read it. Below is a quick tease to those 8 things:

1. Saying Yes To Everything.

2. Getting Too “In The Zone” At The Office.

3. Only Caring What Your Boss Thinks.

4. Refusing To Adapt.

5. Talking Too Much (Or Too Little).

6. Relying On Your Superiors To Solve Minor Conflicts.

7. Not Kicking Annoying Habits.

8. Over-Performing.

Now, you need to really read the article to grasp the thought behind these tips.

But the key point is this: it is possible to change how seriously your coworkers take you. And it starts… with you.