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Jason’s Story: How a Plan of Networking and Personal Branding Paid Off With a New Job

career path and journeyI am a strong believer that hearing other people’s success stories can make a huge impact on how you navigate your own career journey.

It’s important to have a real life example of someone who went through what you’re going through, and came out happy on the other side.

One such example is a past Career Coaching client named Jason who recently took a job at a major telecom company. Jason’s story – as written by him in a recent email to me – is below (I’ve removed the name of the company for privacy reasons).

David –

As of today I have accepted a position with [] in Des Moines. The road to get there was paved by following your plan of networking and branding myself. I actually applied for a job in Kansas City that was a great fit for my skills. After my interview the hiring manager called me and wanted to discuss a new position he was going to have available in Des Moines. He thought my experience, education and “the things I’m known for” were ideal for this role. The job will be a very exciting opportunity to grow a market area with a new technology and oversee a multi-million dollar build. I ended up getting a $32,000 total cash compensation raise over my current position (including salary bump, bonus, profit sharing and 401k match), plus a far superior benefit package than my current company offers. I will be officially starting next Monday, and reporting to Des Moines November 27.

I believe I would not have landed this role without your help. The skills I learned from you will also help me with my next steps as this role offers significant upward mobility due to a growing segment of [the company]. It was always a pleasure to work with you, and I hope our paths cross again someday. I will certainly refer you to anyone who is working on their career and needs some help to find their way on their career path.

I want to thank Jason for sharing his story with me and all of you!

If you’d like to learn more about developing a networking strategy and/or insight into how to brand yourself, reach out and let’s start the conversation.