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job candidateThere all kinds of tips, tricks and approaches people take to job interviews – on BOTH sides of the interviewing table.

While every hiring decision maker has their own set of questions they like to ask, there are certain themes that always pop up – successes, learnings, etc.

The same can be said for the interviewee. Every person comes into a job interview with their own approach, energy level and tactics on how they will go about answering questions.

This topic was the focus of a recent Inc. article about spotting the clues to whether or not you are interviewing a good job candidate.

The article calls out two questions managers should ask themselves about the answers they are hearing. This is not only good advice for hiring decision makers, but also for the candidate!

Knowing that managers are (or should be) listening for how you speak to the following could be a big insight that helps you get the job.

So, what are the two questions hiring decision makers should be asking themselves? Per the article:

1. When talking about an accomplishment, does the job candidate talk only about themselves?

The thought here is that the best job candidates share responsibility and praise for accomplishments and successes. If you have someone taking sole responsibility for a success, that’s a red flag as to what kind of coworker/employee they may be. On the flip side, someone who shares in an accomplishment is a good sign for your organization.

2. When asked to discuss a failing or misstep made in the past, how big is the mistake the candidate is sharing?

As the article points out, everyone has made a typo in an email. But how big of a mistake has someone made, and how did they really learn from it? Transparency is the key here, and if someone seems to truly have learned from a mistake – and is honest about it – those are TWO things you can be excited about.

So, how will YOU answer these questions?!