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A Warning To Leaders: You Probably Aren’t As Inclusive As You Think You Are

The Harvard Business Review recently published a very insightful article based on a recent leadership study. As the article states, the study covers “10 years of administering 360-degree assessments with over 1.5 million raters describing 122,000 leaders” and focused on two attributes of leaders:

  • “Takes initiative to support and include people of different backgrounds and perspectives”
  • “Actively builds a climate of trust, appreciation, and openness to differences in thoughts, styles and backgrounds”

The big finding? Most leaders find themselves significantly more inclusive than their teams believe they are.

But that’s not all. The article/study goes on to identify key findings on why this is important – specifically how inclusion skills correlate with leadership effectiveness:

A few other interesting findings:

  • Senior leaders are more inclusive
  • Inclusiveness and effectiveness track together

I highly recommend you check out the entire Harvard Business Review article for more insight.

And if you are a leader, I hope you will recognize just how essential it is that you foster a work culture of inclusivity and diversity.