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Instagram COO’s Interesting “No Filter” Communication Policy

communicationWhether I’m talking to an employed executive or an eager job seeker, the theme of communication is always a big part of how I direct my Career Coaching client.

Communicating with others, especially during times of change (whether it’s a change within an organization or an individual change like a job search), is an essential component of success. So I always find it interesting to see how people at the top of their game approach communication in their life.

Enter this Fast Company article about Marne Levine, the COO of social media giant Instagram.

Levine has a very direct communication policy that is driven by transparency – to the point that she has named her conference room “No Filter”, aptly titled considering the social media channel’s photo filter component. As she tells Fast Company:

“…the place where I feel most productive is in my conference room. Its name, “No Filter,” is a popular hashtag on Instagram, but it’s also the tone I want to set for every conversation that happens here. If people don’t use a filter, they’re more direct. And we’re able to be more efficient and effective.

There’s this great Einstein quote: “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem, and then five minutes solving it.” If you spend the bulk of your time making sure you’re solving the right problem, then the solutions come faster and easier.”

This is a very healthy approach to efficiency and clarity in the workplace. She has clearly defined “no filter” in a positive light, opposed to the idea that people who don’t use filters can come off as brash and rude.

Levine’s take on “no filter” communication is much more positive in nature – something every organization should at least consider.