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How Technology Can Help You Keep Your 2018 Resolutions

resolutionNew Year’s resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some ever-present resolutions that never seem to lose relevance – things like physical health, mental health, finances, and of course, work.

These are areas of life that few truly “master”, and are instead consistent works in progress. And guess what? That’s ok! There is no need to feel like a failure if last year’s resolution spills over into this year (and the year after that, and after that), as long as you are making progress and staying true to your goal and vision.

Now, looking back at the most common resolutions, what’s interesting to me is that all of them in some form or fashion impact our professional lives. Eating better, working out, financial planning – it all impacts how we do our jobs and the joy we take in every day work. So OF COURSE these are resolutions we should continually pursue!

With that in mind, the question becomes, “How can I refresh my resolution or do better at holding myself accountable to it?”

Well, one answer is technology. Inc. just published an interesting piece on this topic titled, How Technology Can Help Change Your Habits in 2018.

In the article, they outline tangible technological innovations designed to help your physical health, mental health, efficiency, productivity, financial planning – you name it!

For example, under the “Finances and Work” category, there’s this advice on productivity:

Productivity is one of the richest app categories out there. You can try the Pomodoro method, which breaks your time up into short sections for work and rest. A to-do list app like Todoist can end up running your whole life, or you can use personal project-management software like Benjamin, or you can rely on work-oriented project-management software like Trello. Are you determined to meet more people in your field? Try a networking app like Shapr.

Read the whole article and get a solid grasp on how technology can help YOU maintain your resolutions in 2018.