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Quotes from the Jan 4th session:
Do I Always Have to be Politically Correct at Work?

  • The thing that resonated with me the most was affirming another person’s experience by learning to empathize
  • That “politically correct” can be different in different environments that it is set by the majority culture.
  • The need to stop and reconsider approaches to meetings and conversations – to recognize that I need to be a “learner” rather than coming into a situation being “in the know” – because the “knowing” approach excludes others. Provides an opportunity to learn and raise my awareness.
  • There are many aspects to it – all the way from an individual conversation all the way to a global perspective. I think the answer to the question is one that is ever evolving.
  • Be mindful of the fact that understanding someone’s feelings doesn’t mean you know their true feelings. Empathy is acknowledging someone’s value in how they feel not always feeling it yourself.
  • Empathy always wins

Amy’s Blog to follow: https://www.empoweringpartners.com/2017/12/what-i-learned-in-2017/

Amy S. Narishkin, PhD
Chief People Officer