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What a Google Study Says Contributes To An Effective Workplace Team

successful work team

It’s a question every good manager asks: “How can I make my team most effective?”

Now, what “effective” means depends on your industry, team role (“effective” means different things for a marketing team than it means for an IT team, for example), and your organization’s goals.

But I think we can all agree that if your team doesn’t work well together, then however you define success won’t matter!

Google recently put together a study to gather data on what makes a team effective. The researchers identified team effectiveness through four criteria that are, for the most part, universal measurements across most industries, mostly because there is a human component to 3/4 of the criteria:

  1. Executive evaluation of the team.
  2. Team leader evaluation of the team.
  3. Team member evaluation of the team.
  4. Sales performance against quarterly quota.

So what did the study find? As this Inc. article concisely summarizes:

The researchers found that what really mattered was less about who is on the team, and more about how the team worked together. 

Yes, the answer is very intangible, and yet these “soft skills” make a very real difference. Here are some top-line highlights:

  1. Trust matters most.
  2. Listening to others is an essential component of success.
  3. Showing empathy goes a long way.
  4. Being authentic matters.
  5. Maybe you should be the one who sets the example.
  6. If you are helpful, others will show the same courtesy.
  7. Don’t be afraid to disagree and commit (there’s a great Jeff Bezos story on this one).

There are more findings, and I encourage you to read the breakdown over at Inc.

Then think: How can YOUR team embrace these learnings to be more effective?