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Quotes from our February 1st Meeting:

  • Really great! I can definitely use this in interactions on my board
  • The “Like, Wish and Wonder” piece of giving feedback.
  • Feedback should be given for both positive and working to improve situations – and one needs to tell that you are giving feedback – I like, I wish, I wonder
  • I like, I wish, I wonder….How have I not been using this framework all along?! Thank you!
  • I like, I wish, I wonder
  • I did not realize that I really didn’t understand what feedback was.
  • Using the signpost of saying “I have some feedback for you” and then having Matt characterize what is and isn’t feedback was very helpful. I liked the “I like, I wish, I wonder” model too — because it is simple.
  • I have very little other than great networking.
  • Sarcasm is not feedback