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No matter which side of the job interview table you’re on, there are good questions, and there are bad questions.

Good questions get the applicant to go beyond “yes” or “no”, telling stories or sharing experiences that are relevant to the position and organization.

But you’d be surprised how bad some job interview conductors are at asking these questions.

That’s why I thought I’d share this list of “15 Favorite Interview Questions” that was posted on Inc. What I like about this list is its relevance; Ince asked its LinkedIn community to provide their favorite interview questions, and their reasons why. There are some really good ones here, with wise rationale as to what kinds of information the question can bring out.

But it also gives job seekers a good idea as to what kinds of new questions they may face, and how their answer should reflect them and their relevance to the position.

Here is a top-line look at the list. Read the whole article for more insight into what makes each of these job interview questions so good.

1. “What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?”

2. “When have you experienced stellar customer service, and how did that change how you deal with customers?”

3. “What is your personal definition of success?”

4. “Tell me about a time when you felt a change needed to be made in how something was done. How did you come to this conclusion, and how did you get support for the change?”

5. “Tell me about a time you had to learn a new skill: What was your process, what did you learn about yourself, and what was the end result?”

6. “Up to this point in your life, what is the achievement you are the most proud of?”

7. “Tell me about a time when you felt like a hero.” 

8. “Are you smart, or do you work hard?”

9. “What position would you play on a soccer team?

10.  “How will I know you’re struggling?” or “How will I know you need help?”

11. “What did you do to prepare for this meeting today?”

12. “What is it about this position that excites you the most?”

13. “How are are your basic math skills?”

14.  “How do you feel about mopping floors or scrubbing toilets?”

15.  “At the end of an interview, I like to ask, ‘After you leave today, what are the top three things you want me to have heard about who you are? What do you want to make sure sticks with me about you?'”