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Don’t Just Make Your Own Luck – Make It For Others, Too

“I make my own luck.”

It’s not just a line from a movie. It’s also a mentality that a lot of people in the executive world fully embrace, putting the weight of success on oneself vs. uncontrollable circumstances.

The idea of luck is tricky in the professional world. Sure, there are coincidences, happenstances or happy accidents that surprise us with new business or contacts.

But there is a lot of proof out there that many so-called “lucky” people do a lot of work to put themselves into positions and situations in which they are likely to be successful.

Here’s an interesting question, though – can a leader do the same thing for their team/workforce? In other words, can someone who puts in the hard work and does the little things that lead to “luck” extend those same behaviors and practices to others, in essence helping everyone in an organization become more “lucky”?

One answer is at the heart of a recent Inc. article by Leigh Buchanan.

In the article, Buchanan identifies 5 things leaders do to make their own luck, and the very first tip is all about helping make your workforce more lucky.

Two key points I hope you will take away:

  • If people below them have the same or better opportunities, the whole company benefits.
  • Sending employees out to conferences or trade shows or into the field multiplies their number of weak ties. Giving employees time to pursue their own projects increases the chance they’ll discover something and, because it’s their baby, pursue it with the passion that produces lucky results.

I recommend you read the whole article for insight into how leaders can make their own luck, but I hope you will specifically consider this point about helping OTHERS be lucky, too. It might be what separates you as a leader of true value.