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Why The Birkman Method is THE Personality Assessment For Professionals

There are a lot of “personality profiles” out there. But as a Career Coach and counselor, I want to go beyond “what type” you are, identifying real motivations and significant behavior types that can then provide insight into how you work, why you work, who you work best with, etc.

This is why I use The Birkman Method with my clients. Unlike most of these kinds of offerings, the Birkman is very rounded – it’s a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment used to identify behavioral strengths, motivational needs, stress behavior, and occupational interests. Results are used to support leadership development, employee coaching, team building, career development/transition, and conflict management.

The Birkman is scientifically proven, and I’ve used it so much recently to increase opportunities for both personal and organization-wide engagement and growth.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to showcase some videos that demonstrate the Birkman’s unique features and offerings.

I hope you will check each one out, and reach out to me to learn more about how the Birkman could impact your career.