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A Map To The Behaviors That Shape Your Career – And Life

As we really begin looking at The Birkman Method, the Birkman Map is a logical place to start.

The Birkman Map summarizes the key data points from The Birkman Method personality assessment on a colorful and memorable gradated grid. The above video reviews the two axes of the Birkman Map and what the four Birkman colors represent.

Here’s what you really need to know. The Birkman Map is a visual summary of your interests, what you expect from others, behaviors people see from you, and stress behaviors.

The map weighs and places your personal behaviors on the map, helping identify specific personality types/traits measured by The Birkman Method – the Doer, Communicator, Analyzer and Thinker.

But here’s the thing – this Birkman doesn’t label you as ONE of these things, but rather shows how different parts of your behavior can range across this behavior spectrum.

It’s all organized in an easy-to-understand color grid map system that is enlightening, insightful and actionable.

Watch the video, and let me know if you are interested in seeing how the Birkman Method can impact your career – and your life.