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Career Development Questions For Every Point In Your Career

Career Development is something that should NEVER stop for any professional.

Whether you’re an intern or a tenured CEO, there is always something you can get better at. I don’t just say this because it will help you move up the corporate ladder (or maintain your position on top), but rather because I believe we are most satisfied professionally when we are furthering our abilities and skills.

That’s why I lovedĀ Questions To Ask Yourself at Every Point in Your Career, a recent article that lists tangible questions you should be exploring regardless of how early or late you are into your career.

Below are the questions, but the article does a great job of providing insight into why each questions is so essential to your career development.


What do I want to be good at?

What skills do I need to be good at it?

What can I do to position myself in the best place possible?

What role does work play in my life?


What tasks invigorate me, and what tasks drain me?

Do I want to be a manager?

Am I progressing in my career the way I imagined I would?

Is this career allowing me to do what’s important?


In what ways can I still grow?

What legacy do I want to leave?


Again, I hope you will read the article for more background and insight that can be developed from each of these questions.

Which one speaks most to you?