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Mistakes are going to happen in a career.

Sometimes those mistakes are broad in scope – like taking a job that you shouldn’t have or investing in a new business that didn’t work out.

More often, though, the mistakes are things that happen on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I’m talking about things like mishandling a client concern, misinterpreting direction from your boss, or failing to recognize the accomplishments of someone on your team.

It’s important to remember that we are all guilty of making mistakes. But it’s even MORE important to know how to handle those mistakes.

How we react to a mistake doesn’t just have a direct relation to our job – our performance, reviews, etc. – it sends a message to everyone we work with about what kind of person we are. Think about it. You’ve worked with people who can’t admit they made a mistake. You’ve also probably worked with people who overly apologize for every little mistake they make, some of which you probably didn’t even notice!

So what’s the balance?

Lolly Daskal, the president and CEO of Lead From Within, wrote some very practical advice recently in Inc. about this very topic. Her article is titled, 4 Impressive Ways Great Leaders Handle Their Mistakes, and I think her ideas are smart in how they are tangible, accessible and realistic.

Here’s a top-line glance at her 4 suggestions:

  1. Acknowledge your mistakes.
  2. Learn from your mistakes.
  3. Teach others from your mistakes.
  4. Move beyond your mistakes.

Now, on the surface level those may seem “easy to say” and “hard to do.” But when you read the whole article, you’ll see that Daskal gives additional insight into each way great leaders handle their mistakes. I hope you will read it, and consider how you can better handle your next mistake. Like it or not, it’s inevitable!