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1 Simple Tip That Could Change The Way You Negotiate

People negotiate in many different ways.

You’ve probably experienced the different methods – be it aggressive or passive, friendly or cold.

Whether it’s negotiating a new business deal, or benefits for a new job, people tend to forget what might be the most basic – yet most important – aspect of the negation: LISTENING.

In this video, Ned Colletti (former LA Dodgers general manager) shares how listening has been the most powerful negotiating tool for him – and as any baseball fan knows, negotiating is a huge part of a GM’s job!

Colletti explains how it’s important to understand the other person’s motivations. As he states, there is often a lot of different details and misinformation getting passed around during a negotiation – so sometimes listening to what someone says over a 1-minute portion of a 1-hour meeting becomes THE key to the whole negotiation.

But if you’re not listening, you might just miss that moment.

Watch the video and think about how listening can impact the way you negotiate in your career.