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disagreementWhether you are the kind of person who runs from conflict or someone who tackles it head-on: You WILL disagree with a coworker at some point or another.

The question is, HOW are you disagreeing?

I don’t mean in regards to what kinds of things are you disagreeing about, but rather how do you approach disagreements in tone, manner and delivery? The way in which you go about disagreeing with someone you work with has such a big influence on your professional reputation. Plus it has a direct impact on workplace culture.

I have coached individuals on this topic before, as well as internally in my HR days. And to reinforce that I’m not the only one who believes there are very actionable steps you can take to effectively and appropriately disagree with a coworker, I want to share this article from The Balance Careers.

In the article, they go as far as listing 15 tips to help you disagree the right way. Here are a few of my favorites:

#1: Pick your battles wisely.

#4: Validate your coworkers’ opinion.

#6: Understand your coworkers’ needs, fears and hopes to obtain from the solution.

#9: Avoid interrogating your coworker.

#11: Speak to common interests and needs.

#15: Compromise when necessary.

I highly encourage you to read the article for all 15 tips. I think they will empower you to be a more agreeable disagreer!