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corporate burnout

I came across an alarming stat in this recent Harvard Business Review article: A five-year study in the UK found that the mental health of 20% of the top-performing leaders of UK businesses is affected by corporate burnout.

That is a significant number to say the least.

And if you are a top performer, it may not be all that surprising. Because here’s the thing about top performers – they have to work really hard to be at the top! It may sound overly simplistic, but it’s true. That being said, there are things that employers can do to help protect their employees from burnout.

But first, let’s quickly review the things too many employers do to CAUSE burnout in the workplace, per the Harvard Business Review:

  1. They put high performers on the hardest projects.
  2. They use high performers to compensate for weaker team members.
  3. They ask high performers to help on many small efforts unrelated to their work.

These all make a lot of sense just on the surface, but you can go deeper into each here. The Harvard Business Review then goes on to identify strategies for managers/employers to make their top performers happier for the long haul:

  1. Let high performers occasionally pick their projects.
  2. Create high-performing pairs.
  3. Keep track of additional demands on their time.

These are very tangible, actionable steps I believe any organization can take to protect their most important people from burnout.

Now let’s hear it from you, top performers. Which one would impact the way you work the most?