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How To Turn Your Micromanagers Into More Effective Leaders

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Being a “micromanager” has a negative connotation.

But why?

After all, don’t micromanagers get jobs done on time, consistently and reliably?


But micromanagers also have a reputation for killing collaborative workplace cultures and harming coworker morale. Micromanagers are notorious for making others feel insignificant and unimportant by nit-picking everything everyone else does, taking ¬†control and doing everything “my way.”

So the question becomes: Are productive micromanagers worth the risk? And is there any way to transform their most negative tendencies into a new form of leadership?

A recent Inc. article explores this topic and takes the stance that micromanagers can develop skills, attitudes and behaviors that strip away the negative aspects of their micromanaging.

The article identifies 6 things micromanagers can do to take positive steps forward:

1. Admit being wrong.

2. Listen before speaking.

3. Give others the glory.

4. Be humble and ask for help.

5. Be accessible.

6. Be authentic and speak from the heart.

Now, these are much easier said than done – especially when you consider how contradictory these tips are to a micromanager’s nature.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t things that organizations should aspire to develop within their leaders.

Read the entire article for more insight and advice around each of these 6 micromanager tips. Then think about how you can develop more positive, collaborative workplace leaders.