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You don’t need me to tell you that recent history has brought up a lot of questions – and concerns – about integrity in leadership.

From Supreme Court Justice candidates to high-level CEOs, we have seen a variety of ways a leader’s ethical decisions have made major impacts on their professional lives, personal lives, and in many cases, their entire organizations.

Now, I’m not writing this to get controversial.

Whichever side of the political/social spectrum you’re on, no one can ignore that there are lots of questions being asked right now about what is/has been acceptable in leadership roles. And that’s a good thing! We should all be accountable to a code of what’s acceptable and what’s not – but obviously that code shifts depending on who you talk to.

That’s why I want to point you to this Inc. article that identifies 4 Simple Things You Can Do To Lead With Integrity.

No matter what you do for a living, whether you’re a middle manager or CEO, these are BASIC QUESTIONS that, when answered with a “yes” inherently result in more integrity in leadership.

In short:

1. Do you practice what you preach?

2. Are you clear on your actions and deliverables?

3. Are you closing the loop?

4. Are you practicing good stress-management behavior?

Of course the article requires more reading to make a difference beyond these headlines. I hope you will dig in and take away real, actionable steps to leading with integrity.