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career developmentHow often do you really think about your brain?

The brain is the center of all decision-making, reasoning and planning. It is the core processor that drives how we do our jobs – and live our lives. And yet, what do we really do to care for our brain?

That’s why I want to share this Guardian article with you that spotlights brain health and what we can do to preserve our brain power. Because, as the article states:

The typical 45-year-old has worse memory than a 25-year-old, and our brains will continue to decline if we do nothing to protect them. However, if we intervene early, we can slow the decline. It’s always easier to protect a healthy brain than to try to repair damage once it is extensive.

So is there scientific evidence that suggests we can indeed take actionable steps to keep our brains healthy? Good news…

The landmark MacArthur Studies of Successful Aging showed that, on average, non-genetic factors are more important than genetics in determining how well and long we live, suggesting that we have more control than we realise over remaining healthy as we get older. Compelling scientific evidence points to a formula for successful ageing, in particular four habits that facilitate ageing well.

So what are these four habits? Read the whole article for specific insights, but here are the headlines:

1. Physical Activity

2. Mental Exercise

3. Stress Management

4. Healthy Diet

Again, I encourage you to read the article, and to take immediate action in taking time to care for your brain.