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What If You Realize You Don’t Want a Job – In The Middle of The Interview?!

bad interviewIt happens in job interviews all the time.

You’re about 5 minutes into the interview, talking with the first person of many you will meet, and you realize it: I DON’T WANT THIS JOB.

Maybe it’s something you learn about the position’s responsibilities you didn’t know before. Maybe you were misled as to how “senior” this position really is. It could even just be a bad vibe you get in regards to the workplace culture.

Whatever the reason, you just FEEL that it’s wrong.

So what do you do? Get up and leave?

Not so fast. After all, a job interview is not an everyday thing, and even if it’s for the wrong job, there is a lot of good that can come out of it.

This Fast Company article has some good thoughts on this topic, identifying four things to keep in mind when you’re in this situation:

1. Interview experience never hurts.

2. Expanding your network can help your career.

3. You may decide you want the job.

4. A better job at the same company may become available at a later time.

These are all great reasons to stick through the interview, and I recommend you read that whole article for more insights.

While there will no doubt be an immediate sense of disappointment that this isn’t the job you actually want, take solace in the fact that there can still be a lot of good value that comes out of it.