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You know how sometimes you’re browsing headlines and one just jumps out and you HAVE to read it? That’s how I felt when I read the Harvard Business Review headline, “How To Work For a Boss Who Has New Ideas Every 5 Minutes.”

I’m sure ALL of us has worked for someone like this at some point!

First off, there are many positive things about having a “big thinker” as a boss. That usually leads to vision for the organization and team, always pushing the company forward and keeping it from the status quo.

BUT the flip side is when that manager keeps having big idea after big idea, overwhelming their team with the job of carrying out all these big ideas – and then adding more ideas before you have the chance to finish the first one!

It’s a very common occurrence – which is why this article exists in the first place, and I’m sharing it!

The article breaks down some tips for how you should respond to a boss like this, and I think it’s helpful advice. In short:

  1. Foster mutual respect.
  2. Recognize not all ideas require action.
  3. Explain the time commitment.
  4. Come back to the plan.

Obviously these are just the summary headlines. Go read the article for more insight into each of these bits of advice.

Just remember – when you have a boss who has new ideas every 5 minutes, it CAN be managed for the betterment of everyone!