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Looking For Better Work-Life Balance in 2019? There’s Hope…

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Here’s one of the more common New Year’s Resolutions I hear as a Career Coach: “I want to have a better work-life balance.”

Finding a way to work so much that you’re responsible and carving a career path for growth – while also spending enough time with your family, friends and hobbies (not to mention for yourself!) – can often feel impossible.

We face so many professional and personal demands in life that there are literally not enough hours in the day to do it all and be the best “you” along the way.

People often say, “I’ll just say no to more things in 2019.” But that becomes a lot harder the minute you realize that may compromise your opportunities at work or your relationships at home.

This Harvard Business Review article puts real, proven numbers and context to this whole situation:

Indeed, surveys show that managers and executives describe the “ideal worker” as someone with no personal life or caregiving responsibilities. And a majority of leaders themselves — the ones who set the tone for organizations and model behavior for everyone else — think work-life balance is “at best an elusive ideal and at worst a complete myth.” In an interview, three CEOs rated as top performers by HBR said the job was 24/7 and admitted they weren’t great role models.

So what are we to do?

The Harvard Business Review article turns to Jessica DeGroot, founder of the nonprofit ThirdPath Institute, an organization dedicated to helping people find time for work, family, and life. Per the article:

For leaders to stand up to status quo pressures and make work-life balance a priority, DeGroot discovered, these pioneers had to cultivate skills around three relationships: learning to work differently with their teams at work, making a plan with their families to put home and family first, and shifting their own mindsets to not only believe change is truly possible, but to give themselves permission to try, and speak up about it.

The article then goes on to identify three stories of people who learned how to do just that – 1) Learning to work differently, 2) Believing in your plan and speaking up, and 3) Making a plan to put family first.

You should definitely read the whole article and learn from these stories. They may be just the real-life inspiration you need to make your New Year’s Resolution a reality!