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waiting for job

Last week I started a new series of blog posts about professional “ghosting”, a situation in which a worker simply stops coming to work – with no notice to their manager or employer – and then is impossible to contact.

Well, it’s important to note that professional ghosting goes both ways, in that companies have been ghosting prospective job applicants for years.

Per this article, a recent survey from CareerBuilder found that more than half of job candidates say they do not hear back from companies at all.

That’s a big number, and I think we would all agree it’s anything BUT professional.

The article curated some tweets that bring this point home:

It is important for companies and organizations to consider this point-of-view. You as the employer have the power to establish what is expected in regards to communication, and when better than during the initial job interview process?!

But I think this is also a wake up call.

Companies don’t like it when employees unprofessional ghost them.

These same organizations should treat job applicants with the same respect, letting them know if the applicant did or did not get the job as soon as the decision is made.

Have you ever been ghosted during the job application process? Share your story!