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professional change

A new year always brings with it new changes, and that’s especially true in the labor market.

New work culture trends, factors like the economy, and technological advances are just a few of the many factors that influence how the professional landscape changes every year.

So what should you expect as 2019 begins?

Inc. just ran a very insightful article about this very topic, identifying 3 ways the U.S. Labor Market will change in 2019. Here are a few of their takes, with some support:

1. Employers will hire more gig workers.

Companies are expected to increase their hiring of independent contractors, or gig workers, in 2019, as the number of part-time workers exceeds the number of candidates looking for full-time work. Are you a freelance or gig worker? This news is definitely a good thing for you!

2. New laws will require updated harassment policies.

New state laws pertaining to workplace sexual harassment will force employers with workers in multiple states to change their internal policies. Human Resources departments across America should read this for state-by-state considerations.

3. Healthcare requirements could change as soon as 2020.

While the Affordable Care Act law requiring small businesses to offer health care to employees is expected to survive in 2019, 2020 will likely be a different story. The article gives great feedback on why this is the case.

So, how will these new policies, trends and situations impact you in 2019? Let me know your thoughts!