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Reading The Pulse of What Makes a Great Leader – Reserve Your Spot Now!


I am excited to be speaking with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association on Tuesday, March 26, from 7:30am-9:30am.

The topic is an essential one – creating trusting and influential leaders.

Data now tells us that 63 per cent of employees don’t trust their leaders. In essence, we are in a leadership crisis. How did we get here and what can be done? We have an abundance of people in authority but few are leaders who people will follow.


We have lost the ability to influence others by establishing trust, the heartbeat of keeping any business alive. Employees come and go based on their perception of fairness, hope, and a trust in leadership. In this program we will focus on four driving principles that create trusting and influential leaders.

Meeting learning objectives include:

1. Stop and recognize that staff/individuals have different needs unique to them, and increase your awareness of what builds credibility in a leader.
2. Create a culture that allows others to bring their best to the job at hand.
3. Give clear direction and achieve an understanding of “WHY” the work is important, and listen to others with an open mind and with the goal of reaching a new understanding.

The event is open to HBA members and nonmembers. Register now to join this powerful session!

More details including location and schedule can be found here.