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Assisting with the separation process

Corporate Services for Employee Transition


One of the most difficult things any organization faces is letting someone go, regardless of whether or not their release is merited. Activ:8 Careers partners with organizations to assist them with the entire “separation process.”

Our approach comes from a place of understanding, acknowledging the emotions of all parties experiencing this dramatic change within the workplace and assisting in the navigation of this often difficult journey. After all, we are impacting the life of the employee and their family as well as their coworkers who remain employed.

Because of our approach, we are not like most outplacement services. We don’t teach or use passive approaches for our clients to land career opportunities. Nor do we boast about “special connections” we can offer job seekers. Instead, we teach concrete methods for how to create their own networking niche. In other words, we teach them how to “fish”, empowering independence through skills that teach how to direct one’s own career now and in the future.

Old school teachings around some tactics keep the job seeker busy, but not necessarily productive. We focus on developing strategies first so that each follow-up tactic makes sense. Our unique, proprietary Activ8 Career System has proven results, directing 8 core competencies and skills that have led to over 15 years of success stories. Our system allows the client to take ownership of their career journey, leading them through a discovery process. They learn how to transition to new opportunities, bridge into a different career altogether, or even become a business owner them self.

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Here is How We Assist Corporations


Career Strategy/Plan

Our proprietary Activ:8 Career System is a step-by-step holistic approach. Throughout the transition journey, clients discover what will set them apart – their personal brand – and other steps to success, all the way through the negotiating process so that both parties are happy and satisfied. Each client has a tailored plan, action steps and accountability so that they reach their career destination.

One-On-One Coaching

We have experienced a lot of success in partnering those in transition with our professional career strategist. Together, they develop a personalized approach that has the greatest results for our clients.


We believe in a “hands-on approach” to group learning. We don’t lecture, but rather provide interactive sessions to reach breakthrough outcomes for the job seeker.


We use the Birkman assessment tool (and others as needed) to help clients understand themselves better, what company cultures best fit them, and what career options to target.

Additional Books and Materials

We have developed books and materials to accelerate the transition process. Our sought-after interview flash card set has simplified this process and given clients the upper hand, helping them master the art of interviewing and leading to a faster job offer.

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From Roadkill To Roadmap™

Discover 8 steps to put your career in drive… without taking costly detours.

Change Direction – When you need a strategy on how to navigate through your career journey and reach your professional destination, let From Roadkill To Roadmap be your guide.

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From Fish Story To Success Story™

Develop networking strategies to ensure the job doesn’t get away.

Change Your Approach – Uncovering the hidden job market is no easy task. From Fish Story To Success Story demonstrates how to create a niche network to maximize success.

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From “Hi” To Hired™

Simplify and ace the interview.

Change Your Impression – Whether you’re the interviewer or the interviewee, it’s essential to learn how to break the code in behavioral interviews. As From “Hi” To Hired explains, learning starts with listening.

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From Desperation To Deal™

Learn negotiation techniques to get all you deserve.

Change The Way You Form Agreements – Negotiation is one of the hardest things to master – but it’s possible. From Desperation To Deal shows you what to say and when to talk before accepting a job offer or promotion, plus evaluates over 70 negotiating terms and conditions you need to understand before signing on the dotted line.

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From Conflict To Collaboration™

Uncover your specific behaviors and use them to work smarter.

Change Your Communication – Understanding different work and communication style behaviors is invaluable. From Conflict To Collaboration shines a light on how to effectively communicate with others, ultimately increasing productivity and collaboration.

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