Escape YOUR Workplace Barriers

Bring This Escape Room Experience to Your Organization!

False beliefs, misleading assumptions and self-doubt may be holding you or your team back from real success in the workplace. This interactive adventure brings out creative problem-solving ability, but you will also learn more about yourself and the skills you didn’t know you had through the funny metaphorical escape puzzles.

“Escape The Board Room.”  In this fun, interactive escape room, everyone will work together as a team to unlock clues needed to escape the boardroom of Gargantuan Global Group Inc. Play the role of an executive of this fictional company and if you can escape the boardroom within the time limit, you get to go to the annual two-week convention at a mystery location in another country. The company plane is waiting!


After participating in this program, you will:

  • Gain insight into how self-talk and not believing you can tackle new things may be limiting your successes.
  • Experience the power of teamwork in a new way that has direct connection to your real everyday work.
  • Find ways to escape specific habits that get in the way of solving simple problems.
  • Identify your problem solving patterns and learn how to sharpen them to help be your best you.

Request this interactive session for your organization by contacting:
David Hults — 314-966-3888 or email

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