From Desperation To Dealâ„¢


Learn negotiation techniques to get all you deserve.

This seminar will teach job seekers how to get the best offer while maintaining a positive relationship with the person making the offer. This insightful approach will also benefit you long after you are in the job. Others have even found it helpful when negotiating home repairs, buying a car or even a house!

It’s amazing that people spend so much time preparing their resumes, spending weeks and even months hunting down job openings, trying to talk with someone who has a connection, and finishing a marathon of interviews only to make one of the biggest mistakes – negotiating a salary and not getting what they are worth! All too often people only talk a few minutes about the offer before accepting it.

In this workshop, you will learn the five rules of negotiating your salary and how to apply each. You may be surprised to learn the rules come into play the moment you are being screened by a potential employer.

You will learn how to:

  • Evaluate your value in the market.
  • Keep from being screened out of a job.
  • Identify the three phases of employers’ decision making so you won’t leave any money on the table.
  • Close the deal and deal some more.
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