From “Hi” to Hiredâ„¢


How to simplify & ace the interview

In today’s market you have to become an expert at developing and implementing your own career marketing plan. Why should you, after spending hours, days, or even months to get an interview, repeat bad habits that keep you from reaching your career destination? The secret is in learning the five types of interview questions that will activ8 a job offer. In this seminar, you will gain insight that will empower you to be the applicant employers are dying to hire, specifically learning the following:

  • Three reasons why employers will make you the offer over other qualified candidates.
  • How to get hired for the job even if your experience doesn’t exactly fit the stated requirements.
  • How to put to rest those difficult questions so that you respond with confidence rather than playing the guessing game as to what you think the interviewer might want to hear.
  • How to get the interviewer to spill the beans and tell you what he/she’s really trying to size up.
  • What to say if you’ve been fired or have been out of work for a long time.
  • And much more!
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