Job Shapers Leadership Council


Meet the Council Members

David Hults

Executive Coach, Author, Speaker,
Career Columnist- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Executive Director of Job Shapers Network

A Professional Career Development Leader that’s passionate about assisting and coaching others to take ownership of  their own careers. Known for developing career strategies and trusting relationships with clients/organizations that accelerate their success.

More information about David can be found here:

What David does for fun?
Landscape, Event Planning, Gift Wrapping!

Why David attends Job Shapers?
“I believe that careers are a journey ……….

Donna Mickens

Vice President, Leadership and Learning
Executive Director of the Sense Corp Learning Organization
Leadership and Career Mentor

An experienced leadership professional that is building a culture of intentional growth and continuous learning. Donna is known for her organization development expertise and as a visionary who is creating a strong interconnected learning organization.

More information can be found at Donna’s Linkedin Profile

What Donna does for fun?
Cook, Entertain and have David wrap her gifts!

Why Donna attends Job Shapers?
“I may be one of the more senior leaders attending but I continue to learn from everyone at every stage of their career.”

Julie Guethler

Medical Practice Management Consultant

Passionate helping doctors and their staff to realize optimum performance and job satisfaction

Known for improving workflows, communication and revenues. More information about Julie can be found here:

What Julie does for fun?
Gardening, Writing, Cooking Creations

Why Julie attends Job Shapers?
Originally to support David, my coach, who helped me understand myself in a way that no one else has. After attending, the content is rich every time. Won’t miss one!

Todd Hansen

SVP Loan Operations

An experienced business leader passionate about continual learning, process improvement and youth development. Known for his supportive leadership style, strong listening skills and providing creative solutions to ease business constraints.

More information about Todd can be found here:

What Todd does for fun?
Tennis, gardening and watching my kids sporting activities

Why Todd attends Job Shapers?
I think it is an invaluable resource for all employees wanting to control their own career success.

Maureen Zvanut

Former Manager, Talent Acquisition,
Physician Recruitment for BJC Medical Group Member

A leader with a passion for successfully connecting talented individuals with wonderful opportunities. Known for collaboration, tenacity, and attention to detail.

More information about Maureen can be found here:

What Maureen does for fun?
Entertaining, dancing, singing, scuba diving and playing golf.

Why Maureen attends Job Shapers?:
It provides resources and tools to “own” one’s career.

Brad Fuller

Senior Director/Group Leader – Creative Strategy

An experienced executive in the advertising and marketing industry, Brad is known for a combination of strategic and creative thinking that continues to benefit brands for a number of Fortune 500 companies. His unique left and right-brain approach to problem-solving always results in solutions that are both unexpected and smart.

More information about Brad can be found here:

What Brad does for fun?
Painting, Creating Interactive Games, Crossword Puzzles

Why Brad attends Job Shapers?
For a fresh perspective on how to help his team remain motivated and connected to his company.

Mary Corley

Director of Direct Marketing

A visionary leader known for bringing innovative ideas, developing teams and producing outcomes. Passionate about successful connections between people and resources that bridge to results.

More information about Mary can be found here:

What Mary does for fun?
Sing, Travel, Time with Family and Friends

Why Mary attends Job Shapers?
It helps me keep a focus on what’s important in my work and how I can add my magic to a successful workforce.

Paula Tarrant

Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Professional that’s passionate about positive change, employee engagement and respect in the work place. Known for driving open, transparent communication and development of individuals and teams.

What Paula does for fun?
Race Walking, Art Shows, Coloring, Organizing the Home

Why Paula attends Job Shapers?
To continue to develop as a leader and participant in the workplace as well as bring fresh ideas to current issues in the workplace

Lisa Godoski

Marketing Producer, Netsurion and EventTracker

An experienced project manager known for being highly organized, detail-oriented, and a quick learner. Known for developing networking groups within corporations and encouraging co-workers to succeed in all walks of life.

More information about Lisa can be found here:

What does Lisa do for fun?
Lisa enjoys knitting, gardening, and pet sitting.

Why does Lisa attend Job Shapers?
You can never stop learning or growing as a person. Job Shapers continues to show me ways to develop as a person and successfully interact with others.

Kara Magill

Realtor/Associate, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Alliance

More information about Kara can be found here:

What does Kara do for fun?
Spends time with her kids and enjoys being outdoors.

Why does Kara attend Job Shapers?
I truly believe we are all greatly influenced by who we choose to surround ourselves with.  Job Shapers is a network of professionals who are continually making improvements to their business practices through consistent non-traditional educational opportunities as well as innovative networking which is something I feel will benefit me personally as well as professionally.