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If you are looking for one of the most validated career assessments in the market you have found it here with The Birkman Method. The Birkman Method was created back in the early 1950s and has been translated into over 22 different languages.

Many assessments describe socialized, visible behavior. The Birkman Method® reaches further to analyze and report what drives and motivates behavior. We call these “Needs” — the expectations one has about relationships and situations in a social context. These Needs motivate personal actions and behaviors. When Needs are met, they drive behavior in positive and productive directions. Unmet needs can create potentially negative and less than productive behavior (Stress).

Preview report offers a nonjudgmental approach to individual differences. It is designed to be both descriptive and prescriptive.
The Birkman Preview will also discusses the occupational and organizational perspectives that will shape teams, career and job role fit.

There are over 40 different reports that can address a variety of career needs. Here are just a few examples of these reports.

  1. Basic Report – Strengths & Needs analysis, Areas of Interest, Organizational focus, Occupations/Job Titles
  2. Hiring Selection Report
  3. Management Report
  4. Employee Development Report
  5. Team Building Report
  6. Comparison Reports between two people or an entire department.
  7. Coaching Documents
  8. Birkman 360%

Activ8 Careers is Birkman Certified.

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Includes a 30 – 45 minute coaching session.

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