Career Development Products


Every career faces unique obstacles that stand between a professional and their goals, leading them to feel stuck in a career with no momentum. This insightful book introduces 4 foundational truths – “ 4 Corners” – that you can build upon to overcome common obstacles on your climb to the top.

This creative assessment identifies your change behavior patterns, illustrating them as 5 different circus acts. Your ranking of these acts will give you insights on how to respond to change effectively rather than reacting to it. This tool will help you start conversations with those to whom you report and empower you to manage change in the workplace moving forward. (This assessment is included in the book, Ringmaster)

Change hits everyone’s career and life. How you manage that change is the secret act that will make you a star performer in your career. Learn about the 3 universal rings of change along with 8 powerful strategies that will transform the way you manage them. (Included is a free change behavior assessment)

Includes a 30 – 45 minute coaching session.

This assessment/method is designed to identify what you individually need in order to work successfully. It provides career options and roles that match your personality, core motivators, and needs assessment, plus additional observations to help you direct a successful career.