Career Transition Products


This unique game/flash card set is designed to simplify the way you prepare for an interview. Whether it’s for a promotion or a new career opportunity, this resource will teach you the 5 types of interview questions. Prepare to master the formula and ace your interview.

Now that you have the job offer, how do you maximize that offer? In this booklet, Career Coach David Hults gives you tips and insight from his years of experience on the other side of the offer table as an HR manager. You will learn the tools and rules of effective negotiating, how to put additional dollars in your pocket, gain extra time off, and potentially receive a signing bonus. Understand how to evaluate 77+ items in a job offer, and discover how to ask for what you really want before saying “I do!”

This booklet deals with the one word so many job seekers detest: Networking! Learn why networking doesn’t have to be painful through a variety of applicable networking strategies. Discover 5 common mistakes people make when networking. And realize that networking the right way is the best way to catch the “big one” – ongoing opportunities that stay on the line your entire career.

Here’s the bad news: Job hunters’ reliance on basic online job searches yields a mere 7% success rate. Here’s the good news: This booklet will give you 8 essential steps to find new career opportunities, far outperforming old school job search methodologies that leave you in a dead end.

Includes a 30 – 45 minute coaching session.

This assessment/method is designed to identify what you individually need in order to work successfully. It provides career options and roles that match your personality, core motivators, and needs assessment, plus additional observations to help you direct a successful career.